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Find out how you can support local young people to get their studies back on track and to regain confidence and hope for  their future.

Recover + Reconnect
Our Recover + Reconnect Fund will support young people to catch up on core subjects

Over the last extraordinary year, thousands of children and young people in Kensington and Chelsea have been badly affected by the pandemic and lockdown.  Some have struggled to keep up with school work due to a lack of digital resources.  Many more are feeling anxious and overwhelmed at the crisis and lonely or isolated from their friendship groups.

Our young people need help to get their studies back on track and to regain confidence and hope for  their future.

We want to make sure no child in our community is left behind.  Our Recover + Reconnect Fund launches this Spring and will support services for children and young people, designed to help them catch up on core subjects, encourage social interaction and support their mental health.  From tutoring sessions to counselling support, from drama workshops to outdoor sports, your donation to this appeal will make a real difference to young people in our community.

  • £25 could fund an outdoor arts session, where children take part in art activities in a safe outside space, explore the garden, play + picnic and get creative
  • £30 could provide a weekly tutoring session to young person for the next 8 months  
  • £50 could provide a chid with a 1-2-1 counselling session to help address some of the mental health impact of the pandemic and lockdown
  • £100 could pay for a young person to spend two days away in the countryside, taking part in fun and exciting group activities, supported by trained, caring adults.  This may be the only time they leave London in the year.

Abdi Aden, who runs Earl’s Court Youth Club, has seen first-hand the impact on young people so far:

“The pandemic has increased the gap in opportunities between rich and poor children.  Kids whose families cannot afford home learning resources, whether technology or time and support, have fallen behind in their studies which affects their educational attainment, their confidence and motivation.  This Summer we need to focus on supporting those kids not just with their learning, but also getting them away from screens and reminding them how to play with others, build their social skills and confidence.”

With your support, we can ensure our children and young people overcome some of the barriers caused by the pandemic to reach their full potential.

Help us ensure no child in our community is left behind.

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